Here's who the game is about! These are the character introductions as written in the Idolm@ster 2 game manual.

Haruka AmamiEdit

She loves singing, pastries, and her friends. She is a lively girl who tumbles head over heels through life!

Intro: "I'm Haruka Amami, 17 years old! When it comes to baking sweets or to singing, let's just say I don't plan on losing to anyone. :) As for being an idol, I don't think I'm that great yet... so I'm giving it all I've got to improve. I look forward to working with you!"

Voiced By Eriko Nakamura
Age 17
Height 5' 3" (158cm)
Weight 101 lbs (46kg)
Birthday April 3. (Aries)
Blood Type O
Measurements 33-22-33 in. (83-56-82 cm)
Hobbies Baking sweets, singing karaoke, spending hours on the phone.

Miki HoshiiEdit

She's a lil' mankiller who doesn't often use her talents to the fullest.

Intro: "At first Miki didn't really know what an idol was, but after seeing Azusa work hard at it, Miki felt like giving it a shot too. In typical Miki-fashion I'm totally motivated, so make Miki into a top idol, okay? Lookin' forward to it, you know! ...<yawn>."

Voiced By Akiko Hasegawa
Age 15
Height 5'4'' (164cm)
Weight 99 lbs (45kg)
Birthday November 23. (Sagittarius)
Blood Type B
Measurements 34-22-33 in. (86-55-83 cm)
Hobbies Chatting with friends, fingernail art.

Chihaya KisaragiEdit

She's a shy and solitary young woman whose life revolves around singing.

Intro: "The only time I feel in touch with my true self is while I sing... so I would like to continue singing for as long as I live. Alas, the truth of the matter is that I don't consider myself nearly as good as I want to be. Please push my abilities as hard as you can. I look forward to working under your strict discipline!"

Voiced By Asami Imai
Age 16
Height 5' 5" (162cm)
Weight 90 lbs (41kg)
Birthday February 25. (Pisces)
Blood Type A
Measurements 29-22-31 in. (72-55-78 cm)
Hobbies Classical music, training.

Yayoi TakatsukiEdit

She's always so energetic! A true-to-life everyman idol.

Intro: "I want to make everyone feel happy! Let's work hard together!!!"

Voiced By Mayako Nigo
Age 14
Height 4' 10" (145cm)
Weight 81 lbs (37kg)
Birthday March 25. (Aries)
Blood Type O
Measurements 30-22-31 in. (74-54-78 cm)
Hobbies Othello, baseball, raising a kitchen veggie garden.

Yukiho HagiwaraEdit

She's a girl who is cowering and hesitant on the surface, but deep down is surprisingly resiliant.

Intro: "I already debuted as an idol, but I have done barely any work and I think that's not so good.  There's no way I could legitimately write 'idol' as my occupation on any form. That isn't the way I want things to stay though so starting now I've resolved to give it my all, do-or-die! So, well, I hope we can work togetherrrr."

Voiced By Azumi Asakura
Age 17
Height 5' 2" (155cm)
Weight 92 lbs (42kg)
Birthday December 24. (Capricorn)
Blood Type A
Measurements 32-22-32 in. (81-56-81 cm)
Hobbies Writing poetry, connoisseur of Japanese teas, blogging.

Makoto KikuchiEdit

Like the clear blue sky on a sunny day, this girl is full of life and energy.

Intro: "Hey I'm.. err, scratch that; the pursuit of cuteness is my reason for being an idol. Lately I've been growing my hair out in order to change my image. Hey I'm.. err, no; I am working hard towards becoming a traditionally feminine idol, so please take good care of me!"

Voiced By Hiromi Hirata
Age 17
Height 5' 4" (159cm)
Weight 97 lbs (44kg)
Birthday August 29. (Virgo)
Blood Type O
Measurements 30-23-31 in. (75-57-78 cm)
Hobbies Any kind of sports, collecting plushies.

Mami FutamiEdit

At last, it's her solo debut! In fact, she's the refreshing one out of the hardworking Futami sisters (Mami's words).

Intro: "Mami is all grown up now, so once Mami becomes a top idol, you'll see what the most excessively sought after girl in all of Japan looks like! M-hm-hmm! :) Mami's career is about to take off!!

Voiced By Asami Shimoda
Age 13
Height 5' 3" (158cm)
Weight 92 lbs (42kg)
Birthday May 22. (Gemini)
Blood Type A
Measurements 31-22-31 in. (78-55-77 cm)
Hobbies E-mailing, videogaming.

Takane ShijouEdit

Is she a polite and classy princess? Her true character is a complete mystery!

Intro: "I feel that my life is currently at a standstill. Therefore, no matter what, I would like to know what the world looks like from the very top. Although I'm ashamed to admit it, this is not something I can do by myself. Without fail, please support me to the utmost of your ability!

Voiced By Yumi Hara
Age 18
Height 5' 7" (190cm)
Weight 108 lbs (49kg)
Birthday January 21. (Aquarius)
Blood Type B
Measurements 36-25-37 in. (90-62-92 cm)
Hobbies Astronomy, history.

Hibiki GanahaEdit

Voiced By Manami Numakura
Age 16
Height 5' 1" (152cm)
Weight 90 lbs (41kg)
Birthday October 10. (Libra)
Blood Type A
Measurements 33-22-32 in. (83-56-80 cm)
Hobbies Knitting, ping-pong, taking walks.

Ryuuguu KomachiEdit

Iori MinaseEdit

Voiced By Rie Kugimiya

Age 15

Height 5'0" (153cm)

Weight 88 lbs (40kg)

Birthday May 5. (Taurus)

Blood Type AB

Measurements 30-21-31 in. (77-54-79)

Hobbies Traveling, Restaurants

Ami FutamiEdit

Voiced By Asami Shimoda

Age 13

Height 5'3" (158cm)

Weight 92 lbs (42kg)

Birthday May 22. (Gemini)

Blood Type A

Measurements 31-22-31 in. (78-55-77)

Hobbies Email Ecology

Azusa MiuraEdit

Voiced By Chiaki Takahashi

Age 21

Height 5'5" (168cm)

Weight 105 lbs (48kg)

Birthday July 19. (Cancer)

Blood Type O

Measurements 35-23-33 in. (91-59-86)

Hobbies Dog Walking, Cafes

Ritsuko AkizukiEdit

Voiced By Naomi Wakabayashi

Age 19

Height 5'1" (156cm)

Weight 94 lbs (43kg)

Birthday June 23. (Cancer)

Blood Type A

Measurements 33-22-33 in. (85-57-85)

Hobbies Qualifications, Logic, Volunteering

765 Production StaffEdit

Kotori OtonashiEdit

Voiced By Juri Takita

Age: 20's

Height 5'2" (159cm)

Weight 108 lbs (49kg)

Birthday: September 9. (Virgo)

Blood Type AB

Measurements: Secret!

Hobbies Watching TV, Daydreaming (fantasizing), Forum Searching

Junjirou TakagiEdit

Voiced By Hochu Otsuka

Age 56

Height 5'9" (180cm)

Weight 160 lbs (73kg)

Birthday July 6 (Cancer)

Blood Type B

Measurements Secret

Hobbies Sketching Shadows, ClenaFlex

961 ProductionEdit

Takao KuroiEdit

Voiced By Takehito Koyasu

Age 54

Height 5'8" (178cm)

Weight 163 lbs (74kg)

Birthday September 6 (Virgo)

Blood Type A

Measurements 92-69-93 (mens)

Hobbies French, Looking in mirrors

Hokuto IjuuinEdit

Voiced By Daichi Kanbara

Height 5'9" (180cm)

Weight 141 lbs (64kg)

Birthday February 14. (Aquarius)

Measurements: 86-76-87 (mens)

Hobbies Piano, Violin, going on dates

Touma AmagaseEdit

Voiced By Takuma Terashima

Height 5'7" (175cm)

Weight 125 lbs (57kg)

Birthday March 3. (Pisces)

Measurements 81-65-80 (mens)

Hobbies Soccer, Cookery, Figures

Shouta MitaraiEdit

Voiced By Matsuoka Yoshitsugu

Height 5'3" (163 cm)

Weight 108 lbs (49kg)

Birthday April 20. (Taurus)

Measurements 77-60-79 (mens)

Hobbies Sleeping, Parents|}