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These items will be available starting 3/28/2011.

Costumes Edit

Cat2-costume-street Cat2-costume-floral Cat2-costume-luxury Cat2-costume-starry
Street Hopper Cherry Blossom Storm Baby Blue Jaguar Puzzle Del Sol
Extend Floral Luxury Starry
1,000 MSP 500 MSP 500 MSP 500 MSP

Song Edit

Cat2-song-honeyheartbeat Honey Heartbeat
1,200 MSP
Max Group Size: Quintet

Accessories Edit

Cat2-glow-head Cat2-glow-body Cat2-glow-hand Cat2-glow-leg
Heartbeat Sunglasses Glowstick Collar Glowstick Bangles Glowstick Anklets
200 MSP 200 MSP 200 MSP 200 MSP

Despite the fact that three of the four items are glowsticks, this group is not considered to be a set by the game for purposes of lucky star appearance bonuses.

White Cat Set
Example-accessory-head Cat2-cat-body Cat2-cat-hand Cat2-cat-leg
White Cat Ears White Cat Tail White Cat Paws White Cat Feet
300 MSP 300 MSP 300 MSP 300 MSP

Items belonging to the White Cat Set must be purchased through the in-game 765 Shop. They are not visible on the XBL Marketplace. You must have the "Novice Producer" achievement unlocked in order to buy any of the four, which means you must have earned Producer Rank 03.

Others Edit

Kuma-chan Speaker

The Kuma-chan Speaker is a gift for collecting the complete set of Catalog 2 DLC. It does not show up in either the 765 Shop or the XBL Marketplace. To unlock it you need to purchase every item in Catalog 2 (as shown in the 765 Shop) except the idols' e-mail addresses. Doing so costs a total of 5700 MSP. If you do, the Kuma-chan Speaker will automatically show up in your Accessory / Hand equipment menu.

The theme idol for this month's gift is Yayoi. She loves Kuma-chan, the bear-hamburger she wears on her shirt.