Danketsu ("Unity") is a big theme throughout the iDOLM@STER 2 game. It comes up as a talking point in the overarching plotline of the game, and danketsu is also included as a gameplay mechanic affecting how your idols perform. The feelings of unity amongst the three girls in your idol unit will be raised and lowered based on what happens in the game. You want to do everything you can to promote unity within the group.

Gameplay Purpose of Danketsu Edit

The amount of danketsu you have directly controls the amount of points you get from a Burst Appeal during a song. If you have low danketsu you won't get much for Bursting, and in fact it's not worthwhile to launch a Burst at all. But if you have high danketsu, these Bursts will knock your score way out of the park. You can tell how much danketsu you have by looking at the size of the inner circle in your unit's status indicator.

Increasing your score is more important than it sounds at first. Having good danketsu carries a host of indirect benefits. High score is one item that strongly factors in to how many CD Sales you get, which in turn affects the quality of auditions / festivals / jobs you get, which in turn affects how much fans / money you get and your final grade at the end of the game. As you might expect, when your idol unit works well together you'll be more successful.

Raising Danketsu Edit

At the beginning of the game your danketsu circle will be very small. Over time the circle will grow. How fast it grows partially depends on your unit's interpersonal feelings as indicated by the color or icon on the danketsu circle. See the Unit Status Indicators for an explanation of what each icon means.

These game activities will affect your danketsu (either mood or amount factors):

  • Morning Communications
  • Winning/Losing an Audition, Live, or Festival
  • Getting/Missing the pre-performance cheer (wakawakawaka)
  • Getting/Missing a Japanese prefecture geography question
  • Receiving Fan Letters
  • Evening Communications

Succeeding will improve your mood and raise your danketsu, while failing will sour the mood or lower your danketsu.