These are the game controls for The Idolm@ster 2. Covered are the basic gameplay control for the four major scene types you'll encounter. Menu navigation is not included, since that is available on the respective menu pages.

Normal GameplayEdit

  • Start: Bring up the pause menu
  • Back: --
  • LT: Swap pages (in DLC catalogs)
  • RT: Swap pages
  • LB: Swap tabs left (areas on the map, clothes types, etc)
  • RB: Swap tabs right
  • LS: Move cursor
  • D-pad: Move cursor
  • A: Choose, speed up conversation text
  • X: Conversation choice (blue)
  • Y: Conversation choice (yellow)
  • B: Back, conversation choice (red)


  • Start: Bring up the pause menu
  • Back: --
  • LT: --
  • RT: --
  • LB: Left Foot (dance lesson)
  • RB: Right Foot (dance lesson)
  • LS: Move cursor (visual lesson)
  • D-pad: Move cursor
  • A: Choose (visual lesson), Green note (vocal lesson)
  • X: Blue note (vocal lesson)
  • Y: Yellow note (vocal lesson)
  • B: Red note (vocal lesson)


  • Start: Bring up the pause menu
  • Back: --
  • LT: --
  • RT: --
  • LB: Change which idol performs the appeals
  • RB: Fire burst appeal (when voltage is full)
  • LS: --
  • D-pad: --
  • A: Fire memory appeal (if you have stock remaining)
  • X: Dance appeal
  • Y: Visual appeal
  • B: Vocal appeal

Stage Performance SceneEdit

  • Start: Skip the stage scene (confirms first)
  • Back: Show/Hide the HUD
  • LT: --
  • RT: --
  • LB: Change camera (distance / type)
  • RS: Move the current camera around
  • RB: Take a photo where the frame is currently pointed (HUD must be on)
  • LS: Move the photo frame around
  • D-pad: --
  • A: Execute an appeal (the shiny "shing!" effect)
  • X: Swap which girl the camera focuses on
  • Y: --
  • B: Execute a Burst Appeal (once per song)