Prior to setting off on a promotional job, your idols will quiz you on Japanese geography. There are two types of quizzes and in both cases your goal is to correctly identify a Japanese prefecture. The two types of quiz are Multiple Choice (recognition by shape) and Map Quiz (recognition by name). The prefecture you are quizzed on will be in the same major area that the promotional job you chose takes place in.

Getting the quiz right raises your Danketsu so it is worth doing correctly.

Multiple Choice Edit

In this quiz you are shown the shape / outline of one prefecture and then asked to pick its name from choices {X, Y, B}. Usually one of the choices will be something clearly wrong like "Hawaii" or a fake name, and the other two choices will be real prefectures in the major area you're visiting. Whether you can read the Japanese or not, you can pause the game when the choices come up and find the answer by examining the prefecture map below.

Map Quiz Edit

In this quiz you are given the name of a prefecture (the large text in the lower right hand corner of the screen) and a big map of the whole country of Japan. All 47 prefectures are clickable; to answer you simply choose the correct prefecture on the map. This quiz has no time limit so there is no need to pause the game in order to look at the map below. To make things easier to find, remember what major area you're going to and that will help you narrow the search space.

Japanese Prefecture Map (in Kanji) Edit