MEGARE! is a original song appearing on the THE iDOLM@STER MASTER ARTIST albums. Later, it was a playable song for The Idolm@ster 2. You need a donation to buy it because it is a DLC.

Lyrics Edit


The smile I can only make, does it make you smile too?

The pose I can only make, does it move you & groove you?

The voice that I can only make, does it make you happy?

The performance I can only make, does it make you cheer?

I will aim at becoming idol No.1!

I'll do my best! (YAY!)

I need all my strength to get my heartbeat on,

and dancing means I can but I hurt my little finger?!

I can't dance with a hurt finger by the time in it,

and I need you to help me anyway.

So let's dance in the lovely sparkling lights,

but don't fear if you hurt your finger.

I'll hold your hand!

(Repeat Chorus)

Being everyday can be your friend

and make you smile, but you hurt your little finger?!

If you hurt it, you can't dance by the time

and I can help you.

Love me, and love you,

and we stand and love together.

We come!

(Repeat Chorus)

Then we know that everything is better!

Better then, right?!