Marionette no Kokoro (Heart Of The Marionette) is a insert song from THE iDOLM@STER (anime)'s Episode 13. It was later featured as a DLC for The Idolm@ster 2 in both versions of the game (Xbox 360 and PS3).

Lyrics Edit

(Each number contains each verse.)

  1. Hey, if I disappear, then will you search for me?
  2. You might be to busy to reply on a text
  3. When I lonely, I look up to the night sky
  4. So I look sadly and try to comfort myself
  5. I wish that you would be with me...
  6. Cause I just can't get it around me...
  7. But I want to sit
  8. And smile because I can't
  9. But I'm a sad women
  10. Hey, can't you just help?
  11. I'm lost!
  12. Because I
  13. Can't get along!
  14. My heart is breaking!
  15. Hey, will find me soon?
  16. I want a big cuddle
  17. But I can't! I'm a marionette!
  18. Hey, I want you to search for me
  19. I want to
  20. Go home! Oh dear!
  21. Looks like my heart is breaking!

Other Notes Edit

The song was orginally going to be No Marionette Kokoro until Namco changed the title into Marionette No Kokoro.