The first thing you will do every morning is choose one of your three girls and inquire further about how she's feeling. The idol you selected will give a comment, either talking about the unit as a whole or about herself. You as the Producer must then reply, and your reply to her will slightly alter the mood and friendships within your group.

You will pick one out of two answer choices that appear onscreen. The mood of the three girls then will change like so:

  • If the idol's comment was about the unit, you'll get either +++ or ---
  • If the idol's comment was about herself, you'll get either -++ or +--

The good news is that if you can read Japanese the answer choices are logical and give the results you would expect. The effects are not random like they were in the first Idolm@ster, which is a nice improvement. If you aren't sure what is being said, refer to the tables below that show you what effects you will receive based on the answer choices that appear onscreen.

Morning Greeting Answer TablesEdit

Each row in the table represents one pair of answers you may see onscreen. The same choices are always paired with each other in the game.

About the Unit
All Happy (+++) All Sad (---)
OK。覚えとく ふーん・・・・・・
うん、考えとくよ 本当か?
うん、わかったよ なんだ、そうか・・・・・・
よし、いい感じだな! おいおい、空回りするなよ
そうか。 俺も同じ気持ちだよ。 えっ。 そうなんだ・・・・・・
やる気を感じるよ! 余計なことは 言わなくていいぞ
そうか、安心したよ 不安だよ
ああ、 その通りだよ いや、それは違うと思うけど

About Herself
Non-Speakers Happy (-++) Non-Speakers Sad (+--)
気にするな そうだよな
ちょっと どうかと思うぞ たまには、そういう こともあるよ
ムリ言うなよ いい考えだな
わからないな よくわかるよ
期待はずれだよ・・・・・・ 考えはわかった
そんなこと言うなよ そうかもしれないな
そんなこと 言われると困る それでも いいじゃないか

Managing the Unit's MoodEdit

Unity is an important theme in Idolm@ster 2. While you do want to raise everyone's trust and friendship as much as possible (+++ is best), you also want to keep all the girls' happiness levels in balance along the way. Be sure to choose a mix of +-- and -++ to keep everyone roughly even for the times you aren't offered +++. The precise friendship and trust levels aren't displayed onscreen anywhere, so you will want to use the Unit Status Indicators to keep yourself on track.