The Idolm@ster 2 lets you, as the producer, set up the idol unit's schedule each week. Some weeks you are forced to do certain things, due to the story, but most of the weeks you can choose whatever you would like to do. Here are the different options. They are matched to the same icons that appear for those types of categories in the game, so even if you can't read Japanese you should be able to match everything up.



Taking lessons improves the stats of your idol unit.


Regional Auditions

Auditions are a way to gain more fans and money.


National Auditions

National auditions will let you gain fans from every area at once.


Live Concerts

Live concerts have you trying to impress a crowd for fans and money.


Quintet Live

Quintet live concerts let you have 5 girls on the stage at once if you win!



In festivals, you compete against another idol group to see who is best.



Promotions let you interact with your idol in a story sequence, but gain fans and money at the same time. You don't have to pay anything to participate in these.


Paid Promotions

Paid promotions let you interact with your idol in a story sequence, but you don't get any money and have to pay out money to participate. The upside is you get a lot more fans.



This is where you can buy new clothes and accessories for your idols.


Week Off

This will give your idols a week off, and you won't do anything that week.*

*Note that the writers of this wiki do not suggest ever using the Week Off option. It just wastes a week of your time where you could be gaining money or fans or training up your unit to be better idols.