Early on in The Idolm@ster 2 there is a tutorial scene that is easy to get stuck on. You'll have to operate vending machines in order to get two drinks and the game won't let you leave until you get it right. This is what you need to do.

Your Assignment[edit | edit source]

During one of the required conversations early on in the game, Iori will ask the producer to buy her some 100% orange juice from the lobby vending machine. If you agree to do so, Kotori will piggyback on the request and ask for some black coffee too. She'll mention that the machine is a little busted though. The game then takes you to the vending machines and won't let you leave until you properly get their drinks.

How to Buy the Drinks[edit | edit source]

First up is Iori's juice. Move the cursor over to the 100% orange juice on the vending machine on the right. It's the only one that says 100% on it, if you need help reading the labels. Press and hold down the A Button until you buy the juice. You should hear a confirmation sound.

Next up is Kotori's black coffee. You can't just order coffee since it comes with sugar by default. You have to reduce the sugar to zero by pressing the "less sugar" button (the left one of the two on the right) on the coffee machine repeatedly until the machine gets the point. You'll hear a confirmation sound. Then you can buy the coffee. You must keep the coffee button pressed for a while, otherwise it won't work. That will end the scenario and bring you back to the office conversation.

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